AG体育 Police

Pay close attention to the new bike lanes around campus and the new 4 way stop at 1150 W University Blvd.  Driving and parking patterns have changed.  

If you need immediate help, please contact one of these resources: 

For Emergencies, CALL 911
For Urgent Need of A Police Officer, CALL Police Dispatch at 435-586-1911
For Office & Services, CALL  435-586-7793

Have a tip? Text "PD" and your message to "32483" or
Report a Crime

Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Though not an exhaustive list, here are a few services we offer -

  • Fingerprinting and Traffic School - see left-side nav for this page.
  • Police Escort - If a student, staff, or faculty member feels unsafe walking alone on campus, an officer will respond to their location and escort them to their on-campus destination.
  • Vehicle or Building Lockouts - In the event a student, staff, or faculty member is locked out of a campus building/room or their vehicle, an officer will assist in providing access once valid photo identification and authorization is produced.

All Services

Mission Statement

Our motto is “Working with you to make our university a safer place to learn”. We offer a multitude of services as well as emergency response for the AG体育 campus to meet this goal. 

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